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Online Payments

If you want to send a payment by mail, please send it to:

PO Box 2966
Grand Rapids, MI 49501 USA

NEW! Please submit your payment notification below. You will receive a payment link from Kelsea Bischoff within 3 days where you can securely submit credit card details. The form on this page does NOT contain credit card fields and is not an actual payment form.

Please enter your payment amount in US Dollars. Here is a link to the conversion calculator we use.

To use the conversion calculator:

  • Put the monetary amount in the Amount field
  • Enter 0 (zero) in the Bank Rate field
  • In the Card Currency field, enter the currency you are converting TO
  • In the Transaction Currency field, enter the currency you are converting FROM
  • Click Calculate Exchange Rate

For example, to convert AUD to USD, enter USD in the Card Currency field (on the left) and enter AUD in the Transaction Currency field (on the right):

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards.

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