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Suggestions from Top Performers

NPAworldwide wants you to enjoy the satisfaction of a mutually beneficial relationship with your network peers. The following actions will help ensure your success!

These are not requirements of membership in NPAworldwide. They are listed as examples of actions taken by successful members in our network. Some of these actions will not be applicable to you if you are an importer only (supply positions) or an exporter only (supply candidates).

Action Measure
Goal / Result
Attend meetings
  • 1 Networking / Regional Meeting
  • 1 Global Conference or AsiaPac Meeting
Become known by other members
Practice Group Calls
  • 1 call per month

Introduce yourself to your trading partners.

Exchange position / candidate information and discuss market trends

Complete Your Profiles
  • Office Profile
  • Recruiter Profile for each recruiter active in NPAworldwide
Be visible to members searching for trading partners in a niche or geographic area
Create Job Alerts
  • At least 1 Alert for positions
  • At least 1 Alert for candidates

Saves time as matches are delivered to your email inbox

Keeps you updated on posted positions and candidates

Post positions / candidates on our web-based sharing tool (will change if new member is importer only or exporter only)
  • Minimum of 6-8 candidates per week (exporter)
  • Minimum of 1 position per week (importer)

Be visible to members, get to know how they work and learn how you can work together

Educate your trading partners on the areas and locations you work

Call and communicate with NPAworldwide members
  • Minimum of 1 member per week
  • Define 3 trading partners within 6 months
Develop relationships with trading partners
Complete orientation and training
  • All steps completed by you and your staff, where appropriate
Gain an understanding of utilizing NPAworldwide
Integrate NPAworldwide into marketing materials
  • Email signature block
  • Website
  • Business cards
  • Advertisements
Educate clients / candidates regarding value you bring having a global network
Educate staff (where appropriate)
  • In meeting
  • In objectives / goals
  • In measures
Multiply your efforst / work the network properly at all levels
Work NPAworldwide
  • Minimum of 1 hour per day on network-related search assignments
Make the network a habit that grows your firm's revenue
Visit NPA Central, our private website for members only, to keep up-to-date on NPAworldwide offerings
  • Calendar of activities
  • Success stories
  • Blogs & Forums
  • Training Options
  • Money Letter & Placement Report
  • Services Directory
Understand what benefits NPAworldwide can provide you and your firm
Respond to traing partners' calls and emails
  • Treat your trading partners like your clients and promptly respond (recommend within 1 business day)
Build trust and split placements will happen

* Remember - contact your Peer Coach or NPAworldwide staff
if you need help in accomplishing anything listed above!

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